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Recent Projects and Photos by Dream Clean Power Cleaning, LLC.

279 Home Cypress Village Retirement Community Pressure Washing

One of our commercial accounts is doing all of Cypress Village Retirement Community's 279 homes. We are soft washing these houses and doing the driveways and walkways. These houses were cleaned 2 years ago. As you can see by the pictures, the mildew growth can be […]

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Roof Cleaning in Julington Creek

We were called to clean this 3 year old roof of their guest house on this beautiful Bishop Estates Road property. As you can see from the pictures, accumulation of leaves and such had built up on the roof causing some bad staining. The leaves start […]

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Awning Cleaning in Cypress Village, FL

We were called to come see about cleaning the awnings at Cypress Village Retirement Community. As you can tell by the pictures that they were covered in heavy mildew. Came out fantastic. Came out so good that we just secured their entire 279 home community. Going […]

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Silver Leaf Village House Washing

Prime example of a one year old new construction home that needs a bath. The typical green algae growth on the westside of the house due to lack of sun exposure in the mornings. Spider webs were also pretty noticeable as well. House came out great […]

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Wheel House Storage Cleaning in Ponte Vedra, FL

Had the opportunity to provide some maintenance cleaning at Wheel House Storage Ponte Vedra. There was some organic growth from lack of sun exposure on the main building, garage door seams, around the gutter drains, and cobs webs. Came out very nice and we are looking […]

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